M3 MacBook Air Release Date and Price Analysis

The M3 MacBook Air. When will they release it? Will there be any significant changes? And how will it be priced? We’ll take a look at both rumors combined with historical data to determine the answers.

32” 4K 240Hz OLED is finally here! 12 Monitor Comparison

OLED monitors in the the popular 32” size with higher than 60 Hz refresh rates still hasn’t been brought to market… until now. Finally, 2024 will see the introduction of not 1, but possibly 12 or more such monitors to attempt to steal away your hard earned money.

5 Annoying Things About Mac (and How to Fix Them)

When setting up a new computer, there’s always a few settings we all have to change in order to fix annoying behavior. Here are 5 settings that make my experience using macOS vastly better, and maybe you’ll find them useful too.