MutePC is dedicated to making technology work smoothly in the background to enhance our lives and not get in the way. That means everything from silent computing without distracting noises to troubleshooting software issues.

The site is divided into several categories as detailed below.

Build Guides

Want to see how to build a silent computer? Check out one of our build guides, which contains a detailed listing of computer components that, when assembled, should result in a refreshingly quiet computing experience.


Components and hardware related to building silent desktop computers. This includes things like the processor (CPU), graphics card (GPU), motherboard, power supply (PSU), heatsinks, fans, etc.


Notebook and tablet computers, which are generally pre-built solutions and difficult to modify.


General electronic devices that are not necessarily computers. Includes things like computer accessories, TV, and so forth.


Smartphones, wearables, and any other type of extremely mobile device. Also includes mobile apps and software related to such devices.


Issues and tips regarding software running on your computer. Topics include recommendations, troubleshooting errors, and fixing bugs.

Web & Cloud

Sites on the Internet offering web apps or cloud-based solutions that could be useful for your digital life.