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Microsoft Surface 3 Fanless Finally

Microsoft announced the Surface 3 on March 31, 2015. This new Surface device is essentially a smaller version of the Surface Pro 3 launched last year, but with the most important difference (for silence) being that it is fanless! Check out the promotional video:

I ordered a Surface Pro 3 when it first came out last year, and quickly returned it after a fatal flaw: the fans would spin up when doing tasks as simple as web browsing or watching YouTube. I was highly disappointed, especially since it was said to be virtually silent during the launch announcement. Ever since I learned about the Intel Core M processor, I’ve been looking forward it see it included in a fanless Surface Pro 4.

Microsoft Surface 3

The Surface 3 was a surprise, but it may be just as good as what I was waiting for. Although it doesn’t use a Core M, it does have the new Intel Atom x7-Z8700. Although performance remains to be seen, hopefully it will be good enough to allow smooth operation for most consumer and productivity tasks.

I’m waiting for some reviews to pour in, but I’m tempted to preorder the Surface 3, which ships May 5.

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