Scare Your Co-Workers with iPhone Air Raid Siren Ringtone

The other day, I was minding my own business when I heard what seemed to be a miniature fire alarm. I thought something was odd and went to check it out since the noise was softer than I thought it should be. I couldn’t find what it was, but shortly after it started, a co-worker came rushing out of his office saying it’s a fire alarm. We start leaving the area, but as we got further, it was obvious that the sound was only from that one area. Another co-worker went to investigate and determined it was coming from an unattended iPhone sitting on the desk.

It appears the sound that caused the commotion was the Air Raid Siren ringtone. Along with that, there are also several hundred other siren ringtones. I don’t know why it kept going off without ceasing; maybe it was an alarm or something. It certainly gave us a fright though. With the above links, you can now frighten your friends too!

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