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32” 4K 240Hz OLED is finally here! 12 Monitor Comparison

OLED monitors in the the popular 32” size with higher than 60 Hz refresh rates still hasn’t been brought to market… until now. Finally, 2024 will see the introduction of not 1, but possibly 12 or more such monitors to attempt to steal away your hard earned money.

Looking Forward To 2014: New Tech On The Way

Happy 2014! The year of 2013 introduced a lot of cool products and revisions, including the release of new game consoles (Sony PlayStation 4 and Microsoft XBox One), updated phones from Apple (iPhone 5s/5c) and Google (Nexus 5), a more…

Where to Buy LCD Monitors with 0 Dead Pixels

Buying an LCD monitor these days is both easier and harder than ever before with much lower prices and wider selection. One thing that remains a mystery is how dead pixels are widely accepted as the norm by most manufacturer…