The Last M2 Macs: Mac Studio, Mac Pro, 15-inch MacBook Air and … an AR Headset?

Apple announced several new Macs using M2 generation chips at WWDC 2023.

The Mac Studio was not cancelled after all, but got updated to M2 Max and M2 Ultra chips, and finally has an HDMI 2.1 port like the M2 Pro Mac mini. Everything else basically remains the same, including the $2000 starting price, which is a pleasant surprise.

The Mac Pro with Apple Silicon is finally here, but with a whopping $7000 starting price and the same M2 Ultra chip that can also be found in the $4000 Mac Studio. The main benefits seem to be more ports and expansion slots, but the Extreme or Dual Ultra chip rumors haven’t materialized just yet.

The 15.3-inch MacBook Air is now here as well, at a $200 upgrade over the 13.6-inch model. You get a bigger screen, 0.6 more pounds weight, and 6 speakers instead of 4.

Now, the only Mac that hasn’t seen an upgrade to the M2 chip is the iMac. Even if it never does, the M2 chip will, for better or worse, live on in Apple’s new AR headset, the Vision Pro, releasing next year. More analysis and comparisons on the new Macs coming soon!

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