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Is HDMI 2.1 STILL BROKEN in macOS Sonoma 14.0?

Since Apple has released macOS 14, aka Sonoma, I’m back with an update on whether they finally fixed the HDMI 2.1 issue with scaling and HDR that was prevalent with macOS 13, Ventura, and the M2 Pro or higher machines…

M1 vs M2 MacBook Air: ALL THIS for $200!?

The MacBook Air is Apple's least expensive and also lightest laptop, making it suitable for most people's needs. We're going to cover the key differences and figure out when you might want to choose one model over the other.

M2 Mac mini vs a Brick: The ULTIMATE VALUE Comparison

Apple released the M2 Mac mini in early 2023, and with a starting price of $599 in the US, it's a contender for the best value award. But up against it today is a competitor that could snatch the crown away unexpectedly: a brick.

The M2 Max Mac Studio Will Cost $2499

The Mac Studio debuted with the M1 Max and M1 Ultra chip options in March of 2022, and Apple hasn't yet updated it to the M2 generation of chips. But if and when they do, they have no choice but the raise the price by at least 10% if not more, and here's why.

M2 vs M2 Pro Mac mini: Is the Pro worth $700 more?

In early 2023, Apple updated the Mac mini from the M1 chip to the M2 chip, and also introduced the option for an M2 Pro chip. Let's take a look at what the similarities and differences are between the 2 chip options, and see what that $700 price premium actually gets you.