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Best Gaming Mouse for the Average Gamer: Logitech G602

I sometimes use my computer to play games, but I also use it for many other things (just about everything actually). I am not a hardcore, competitive gamer who competes for thousands of dollars at tournaments, but I want a gaming mouse that works well when playing games as well as for everyday use. Perhaps you are the same way.

The best mouse I have found for both average gaming and everyday use is the Logitech G602 Wireless Gaming Mouse.

This is by no means a thorough review of the G602 that covers all of its features. There are plenty of other places you can find that information. Instead, this is a look at the design decisions that ultimately makes the G602 a great product, and my mouse of choice (for now).

Thoughtfully Designed

The G602 is very thoughtfully designed when it comes to its many strengths.

Targets the Right Audience

Logitech decided not to go after super competitive gamers, who often balk at wireless devices due to the increased lag in response time (e.g., the amount of time between moving/clicking and the computer registering that move/click). Instead, they recognized that a wireless mouse will appeal to the majority of people who want a device not only great for gaming but also for all computer tasks.

Personally, I find wired mice to be annoying to use. The wire always gets in the way at some point, even if you try to manage it by securing it in place close to the mouse pad. Also, who wants to clutter their desk with ugly wires these days?

Long Battery Life

The G602 has perhaps the longest battery life of any wireless gaming mouse, lasting months at a time. This is important because one of the biggest headaches with wireless mice is when the battery dies, you can’t use it anymore. Wireless gaming mice are notorious for poor battery life due to trying to crank out more performance. Instead, the G602 seems to hit a great balance of just enough performance for the average gamer and battery life.

Battery and Performance Trade-off

The average gamer wants to use the mouse for not only gaming, but also other computer tasks that may not require the precision and performance of a gaming mouse. That’s why it’s smart for the G602 to have a switch that toggles between performance and endurance modes. In performance mode, the mouse operates at a higher 500 reports/second rate at a cost of lower battery life, while endurance mode is a lower 125 reports/second with more battery life. This is one example of how the product achieves an interesting level of customization to the user’s preference.

Standard Batteries

The G602 utilizes standard AA batteries instead of rechargeable proprietary ones. This means there is no need for an extra charging wire or dock to clutter the desk, which is often a detriment of other “wireless” mice. However, it is also not very painful to change out batteries because the long battery life means you only need to do it every few months. It also solves the big headache of not being able to use the mouse due to a dead battery, since you can just swap it out for a new one, which most people probably have a large stockpile of if they buy batteries in bulk. I know I do.

Customizable Weight

Another potential detriment of wireless mice is that they tend to be heavier because of the extra weight from the battery, which can be significant. Also, some gaming mice have a weight customization system where you can put in or take out extra weights to customize it to your preference.

The G602 doesn’t have a weight customization system at first glance. However, the mouse actually does because although it can take 2 AA batteries, it will work with only 1. That means if you feel using 2 batteries is too heavy (like I do), you can just put in 1 instead to lower the weight. Of course, that means you need to change the battery twice as often, but it can still last quite a long time. This is another great example of how the mouse is customizable, but without needing to build in extra materials like small weight pieces that can be easily lost.

Strong Wireless

The best features don’t mean a thing if the mouse skips, lags, or stops functioning on a regular basis due to a poor wireless connection. Luckily, I find that Logitech mice tend to have very strong wireless signals, including the G602. I’ve tried Razer mice such as the Naga Epic and Naga Epic Chroma, but they tend to skip and lag in the same environment that the G602 performs flawlessly.

Areas of Improvement

Despite my praise for the Logitech G602, it is by no means perfect. There are definitely some areas that could be improved.

Uncomfortable Thumb Buttons

A great feature of the G602 is the 6 thumb buttons that make the mouse suitable for MMO or MOBA type games that benefit from many keybinds on the mouse. In order to make them distinguishable by touch, Logitech made these buttons have unique, angular shapes. Unfortunately, these shapes can be a bit uncomfortable to use (at least for me) compared to most other buttons and mice I’ve tried (such as the Razer Naga). I would like to see a slightly more comfortable design in the future.

Flimsy Battery Cover

Since the mouse uses standard, replaceable batteries, it is necessary to open the battery cover on a regular basis. This is accomplished by bending a thin plastic strip of plastic, which feels like it could break if done too often. Although the long battery life means you don’t need to go on a bending spree too frequently, it gives a sense that the product may not be that reliable in the long run. Logitech should consider a different design for the battery cover latch.

The Best All-Purpose Gaming Mouse

The Logitech G602 is my pick for the best gaming mouse for the average gamer who wants a single device that works well for all computer tasks. It has a combination of good performance, the right number of buttons, excellent battery life, and strong wireless.

Do you have another mouse of choice or agree with the points above? Leave a comment below!

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