How to select multiple blocks in Notion on iOS or Android

Notion is a great note-taking and general purpose record everything tool that lives on the web. It's free to use for basic needs, and comes with mobile apps for iOS and Android as well. However, selecting multiple blocks of text on mobile isn't straightforward.

Buying a Tesla: The ordering process and the first 40 days

I decided to purchase a Tesla Model Y, so I wanted to document my experiences with both the company and the car. Buying a Tesla is certainly a unique process compared to buying any other car. If you are thinking about buying your own Tesla, you might find these experiences helpful.

Mac mini 2018 (or 2020) is silent for everyday tasks

I've been using the 2020 (really 2018) Mac mini for my normal workloads and running some stress tests on it to determine how silent it truly is. Let's see if the tiny yet attractive Mac has a place on the desk of someone who cares about computing noise.

Presto MyJo is the Best Way to Make K-Cups

Sometimes, the lowest tech solution is the best solution. If you are looking to have the convenience of k-cups, I recommend saving your wallet and making things easier with the Presto MyJo Single-cup coffee maker.

There Is No 2020 Mac Mini

In March 2020, Apple updated their website with a NEW label on the Mac mini, the small form factor BYODKM (Bring Your Own Display, Keyboard, and Mouse) computer that was last updated in 2018. So what changed in these 2 years?

Don’t Buy the 2020 MacBook Air

Apple released a new Macbook Air in March of 2020 and on paper, it seems to check all the right boxes. Notable features include a much better scissor-switch keyboard (compared to the butterfly switches), and the ability to configure a quad-core CPU for only $100 extra over the base model, which now starts at $999.