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Windows 7 RTM (Final) Now Available on MSDN, Technet

Yesterday, Microsoft made Windows 7 RTM (Final) available to Technet and MSDN subscribers. Download speed reports have varied and there was a period of time when the Ultimate and Enterprise versions could not be downloaded even though all the other versions were available. Things should be considerably better today after the initial rush.

It seems that the different versions (Home Basic, Home Premium, Professional, Ultimate) of Windows 7 each have their own install disc. This is a departure from the single disc convenience of Vista. However, the other thing controlling the version to be installed is the /sources/ei.cfg file, which can be edited to a different version or simply deleted to enable a version selection screen. You will need an ISO editor or the know-how to create a bootable disc (image) if you extract the files out for deletion.

Another thing to note is the possibility of a memory leak and crash bug in chkdsk. Microsoft’s response has been that it may be by design (probably not the crashing part). Until they get this issue sorted out, you’ll have to kick your habit of running chkdsk every other hour for amusement.

Other than this, Windows 7 is, I believe, the finest OS Microsoft has put out since Windows XP (or maybe even Windows 2000). Good job Redmond!

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